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Glenn Beck: Media’s cover-up for Biden and Obama admin. ‘most misleading lies I’ve ever seen by the media’


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On Wednesday, BlazeTV host Glenn Beck continued to look into what really happened in Ukraine during the 2016 election and regarding the Bidens. In the special, Beck tore apart what he termed the mainstream media's "most misleading lies:" their insistence that Obama administration officials never gave Ukrainian prosecutors a "do not prosecute" list.

At the core of the story of what happened in Ukraine in 2016 — regarding both the election and Joe Biden's son Hunter — are the actions of the Ukrainian prosecutor and how they were guided by U.S. officials. In his first Ukraine special, Beck outlined how American diplomats told Ukraine who it could not prosecute.

The mainstream media have said that this is a lie, that a Ukrainian official, Yuriy Lutsenko, who replaced the "bad" prosecutor that Biden didn't like, recanted his statement that a no-prosecute list existed. The mainstream media including the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal offered "facts" to show this was the case.

The Journal said, "Mr. Lutsenko later retracted the allegation." Beck followed the trail to a Ukrainian site that used to call the claim false.

Beck explained that the original Ukrainian source said that no person was given a written list of the names, but it was just orally transmitted. Basically the whole mainstream media fact check centers around whether or not a physical list was given of people not to prosecute, not whether or not it was discussed at all.

PART 2: MEDIA LIES ON UKRAINE…Proof Joe Biden DID fire Shokin for Hunter, Burisma Investigation

This reminds me of the infamous quote by character Martin Lomasney, an old-school political boss from Boston in the novel "The Last Hurrah" about Massachusetts politics: "Never write if you can speak; never speak if you can nod; never nod if you can wink."

The media is stuck on what the meaning of the word "list" is.

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