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WTF MSM!? NBC’s laughable 30-year history of predicting the doomsday flooding of DC


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Maybe someday they will be right? …

Over at NewsBusters, Kyle Drennen noticed something fishy going on at NBC. As part of NBC News' "Climate in Crisis" series, weatherman Al Roker made the wild claim that Washington, D.C.'s landmarks could be under water by 2050. NewsBusters reported that Roker used "an animation produced by the environmental activist group Climate Central" to make his case.

What makes Roker's claim extra-laughable is that his network has been making the same prediction for the past 30 years. NewsBusters reported that in May 1989, the "Today" show had an environmentalist on who predicted all of "Florida, Washington, D.C., and the Los Angeles basin" will be under water. Then in 1990 the same environmentalist made the same claims.

Thirty years later, none of those places are under water.

By using a climate activist organization's video as part of a news segment, NBC shows that it is not above using leftist propaganda to advance a leftist agenda. The new "the sky is falling" is "the water is rising."

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