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Commentary: Liberals never cared about extremism until now. This is just about Trump.


The New Zealand massacre aftermath reveals the left's true agenda

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The brave members of the Resistance have been overcome with a burning new determination to fight against white nationalism and extremism after the horrific shooting in New Zealand. "White nationalism is on the rise!" they warn, since the suspected shooter called himself an "ethno-nationalist" who places "importance on the health and well being of my race above all else."

Admittedly, this is a huge step forward for a group that once failed to properly condemn an anti-Semitic extremist among its own ranks many, many … days ago.

But the only thing sincere about this effort from the left is its level of desperation. They are sincere in their willingness to do absolutely anything to "get Trump." But they are not sincere in their concern over extremist groups. For years, liberals refused to sufficiently speak out against the extremism of radical Islamic terrorists who murdered thousands of innocent people around the world, as the lone gunman allegedly did in New Zealand.

And it does not appear that attitude has changed. CNN's Don Lemon is still insisting the problem is not the violence committed by Muslim extremists but "what this president has said" about them. Regrettably, the left's newfound fervor to do something about white nationalism is yet another pathetic attempt to seize upon a national tragedy and exploit it to further a political agenda. This time, they have found a way through conspiracy theories and lies to link a terrible shooting to the president.

Some on the left actually blamed Trump directly for the shooting, deciding to ignore reality. The shooter's own manifesto shows he was repulsed by Trump as a leader. Others, having to deal with this inconvenient truth, offered more indirect rebukes that would let them keep their seats aboard the #Resistance tram: Well, he's not directly to blame, but we need to have a conversation about his role in emboldening them!

"We can't not talk about it anymore," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) declared authoritatively on Twitter, speaking about white nationalism.

Former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau sees this as a great campaign opportunity and wrote: "I would really like to hear our presidential candidates speak at length about the rise of white nationalism and extremism at home and abroad."

Everyone knows such speeches would only be candidates repeating the script about how the president's racism, sexism, bigotry, and homophobia obviously led to the rise of white nationalism and terror attacks. It would not be an honest discussion, because the Democrats aren't interested in having one.

If it's time to talk about extremist violence and its supporting ideologies, we should talk about the destabilizing effect of funneling masses of refugee migrants with extremist views into countries where they do not assimilate. For years, Germany and other European countries have been hit hard by the consequences of accepting numberless migrants without limitations, including skyrocketing rape, crime, and terror attacks in the public square, with governments doing little to nothing to stop it.

Conservatives have been trying to have that conversation about "extremism at home and abroad" for years. But while ISIS ran wild, slaughtering thousands around the world, Obama wouldn't so much as even use the words "Islamic terrorism." He insisted they were just "militants and terrorists."

Obama actually made it a policy in his White House to have no one say "radical Islamic terrorism." On several occasions, he dismissed it as "workplace violence," which is how he referred to the Fort Hood terror attack (which killed 13 people) and the San Bernardino terror attack (which killed 12).

He then said anyone who wanted to call out Islamic extremism was just giving a "political talking point. It's not a strategy."

Whenever anyone tried to talk about the rise of Muslim extremists, they were shushed and told by the Democrats: "Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism."

For the left, it's not just unwillingness to acknowledge Islamic terrorism. They couldn't even bring themselves to "talk about" Rep. Ilhan Omar's anti-Semitism in any meaningful way. Liberals seemingly don't even care about white nationalism if it's not being used to help take out Donald Trump. When white nationalist David Duke praised Rep. Omar, we didn't hear a peep from the left.

Removing Trump from the presidency would do nothing to solve the problem of rising extremism around the world, which began long before Trump got into office. If leftists were serious about tackling extremism, all they would have to do is sound exactly like conservatives, who have consistently called out violent extremism in all forms for a very long time.

But we know how disgusting liberals find it to condemn "hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides," and that is why their cries to attack white nationalism ought to be dismissed as the partisan racket that it is.

Liberals Only Care About Extremism When They Can Use It to Attack Trumpwww.youtube.com

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