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How do we fight cheaters and liars who are overtly hostile to the truth?


They'll do anything to put you in your place

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In case you haven't heard, the Houston Astros won the World Series in 2017 by relentlessly cheating and are now reaping the consequences of their deceit. Not only was nothing learned from the steroids scandal, but now we've got steroids on steroids.

Because cheaters, at our core, is who we truly are.

It's important to be reminded of that as we watch progressive politics ratchet up its groove thing here in 2020. With mere days to go until the Iowa Caucus, Bernie Sanders supporters are threatening to burn Milwaukee and other cities to the ground as well as attack police officers if they don't get their way. And Elizabeth Warren is making Pocahontas promises about Sanders being a secret misogynist, while vowing to cancel all student debt (as long as you use the proper pronouns for trans prisoners, one would imagine) when she becomes president.

All of this is cheating, and unambiguously so. Sanders supporters are willing to cheat the democratic process by violently punishing those who disagree with them. Warren cheats against basic economics and biology. In general, both have made a career of cheating against the nature of reality itself. How on earth do they keep getting away with it when the emptiness of it all seems so obvious?

That takes us back to baseball again and the Houston Astros, who had an entire roster of players willfully commit to season-long corruption at the most fundamental level of their craft. It wasn't just one rotten apple spoiling the bunch, but an entire apple tree that was rotten to the very core. Which pretty much describes the audience of the typical Democrat politician.

They want the lie. Very, very badly.

Yes, Republicans are a mess, too, which is why I'm no longer one. But something more overtly hostile to the truth is going on among those on the left. They don't want to have to do the grown-up thing of figuring out for themselves if it's a fastball or a curveball, and then being accountable for what they do with that knowledge. No, they much rather have different rules for themselves and, in true Gnostic fashion, believe others are suckers for not being nearly as woke as them.

Sanders and Warren are fighting to herd those feral political cats into a caucus victory that can catapult them onto further electoral success. Thus, the lies will only grow more brazen from this point in order to lure a throng of voters, whose heart of hearts can so easily be seduced into a trance. For it is the lies that make the progressive voter feel powerful over others, just like it makes you feel powerful when you hit a baseball into the gap.

The cheating is just a means of getting a hold of that lying feeling, and in a world with 666 genders who is to say what cheating is anyway? The cheaters, that's who. And oh, by the way, Jessica Yaniv needs "her" balls waxed, stat.

Of course, Sanders and Warren would never do anything like that themselves. But they'll demand that you do, and somehow you will talk yourself into feeling awesome about that. Just like the Astros.

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