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Black conservatives are 'a serious threat to Democrats': Deneen Borelli applauds, defends Candace Owens

Deneen Borelli

'Bravo to Candace Owens for taking on the Democrats in Congress'

On Wednesday's episode of "Here's the Deal," host Deneen Borelli highlighted several of the latest attempts by the Democrats to destroy President Donald Trump and his supporters by any means necessary.

Deneen started out by noting Tuesday's congressional hearing, during which Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) attempted to discredit Candace Owens, the communications director for Turning Point USA who was invited by Republicans to speak on hate crimes and white nationalism.

Sitting before the House Judiciary Committee, Lieu played an audio clip on his smartphone on which Owens can be heard defending the word "nationalism," and explaining that its meaning has been conflated with "national socialism" and Adolf Hitler.

Deneen applauded Owens for "put[ting] the Democrats in their place," and spoke out in support of black conservatives who are afraid to be vocal about what they really think because of the harsh criticism they are likely to receive, even from the people who are closest to them.

Watch "Here's the Deal" below:

"Bravo to Candace Owens for taking on the Democrats in Congress," Deneen said. "Let me just say this. Black female conservatives, even male conservatives that are black, are a serious threat to Democrats. Why is that? Why do they go after Candace Owens or myself and others who are conservatives? Because they don't want the message of personal responsibility, freedom, liberty, lower taxes, better education, they don't want that message to resonate in the black community. The Democrats' message is of victimization and you need special treatment because of your skin color."

Watch the video of Candace Owens taking on the Democrats in Congress below:

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