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Glenn Beck: Seattle's proposed 'poverty defense' to excuse misdemeanors is 'another DEFUND movement'

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New legislation would excuse most misdemeanors that can be linked to poverty, addiction, or mental disorders

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Lawmakers in Seattle have proposed new legislation that would excuse most misdemeanor crimes that can be linked to poverty, addiction, or mental disorders. The proposal, referred to as a "poverty defense," would cover more than 90% of Seattle's misdemeanor defendants, according to the city's former public safety adviser, and would include crimes of theft, assault, trespass, property destruction, and more. The proposal excludes misdemeanors related to impaired driving and domestic violence.

On the radio program, Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere discussed the potentially devastating effects such measures would have on the citizens of Seattle, who have already seen a 525% spike in crime this year, according to Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkan.

"This will work out really well for Seattle," Glenn said sarcastically.

"Do you know why they're doing this?" Glenn asked. "They're doing this because [they] are trying to starve the justice system. If [they] make those things not illegal, there won't be anybody in the courthouse. So [they] can cut the funding of the courts, because the courts are just sending people to prison. And the courts are the problem. There is no justice. It's another defund movement, just in a different way."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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