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Is America's War on Drugs helping brutal dictatorship across Latin America?

Matt Kibbe
Shaul Schwartz/Contributor/Getty Images

In this episode of "Kibbe on Liberty," Matt Kibbe was joined by Antonella Marty, associate director of PR and influencer relations at Atlas Network, and discussed how America's War on Drugs is helping brutal dictatorship across Latin America.

According to Antonella, by keeping drugs illegal, we are keeping prices high and allowing corrupt criminals to rake in huge profits through the importation and selling of controlled substances. This money is then used to prop up socialist and communist regimes that would otherwise be unsustainable. Both Antonella and Matt agreed that anyone who actually cares about helping the people of Latin America should oppose the War on Drugs and all its failures.

Watch the clip to hear more from this conversation. Can't watch? Download the podcast here?

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