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Phil Robertson: AOC's 'heart' will not be enough to fund her Green New Deal

Phil Robertson

Beyond AOC's red lips there is nothing there

Image source: Blaze Media Facebook screenshot

Tuesday, "In the Woods with Phil" host Phil Robertson shared his thoughts on recent comments made by Geraldo Rivera when he told Fox News host Sean Hannity that we should leave Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez alone because she "has heart."

In this clip, Phil analyzed the ridiculousness of Rivera's comments and added that it is ridiculous to pretend that AOC can lack any reasonable logic, be senseless, and take money from hard-working Americans, but as long as she has heart, the facts do not matter.

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Phil explained that AOC's heart would not pay for her Green New Deal nor will it make sense of her socialist views.

"The only thing I noticed that she has that's got most of them beat, those are the reddest lips of any woman I have ever seen...but after the red lips, I just don't see much there," Phil added.

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