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American exceptionalism is a 'hell of a lot deeper' than Obama, Trump, Clinton say — Jonathon Dunne

Chris Salcedo
Glenn Beck and Jonathon Dunne (TheBlaze)

Justin Barclay, host of "On Purpose," fills in for Chris Salcedo and talks to friend and TheBlaze colleague Jonathon Dunne, an Irish gentleman who is, frankly, a more patriotic American than most Americans and known for his passion for the U.S. Constitution and conservative principles.

"I didn't actually support (any candidate)," Dunne says. "I called it down the middle all the way... I want people to talk about the say America is exceptional and to tell everyone why it's exceptional. And when I say that, I don't meant the standard answer, which Donald Trump gives and Obama gives and Clinton gives: "Well, we're exceptional the same way Germany is exceptional, the same way Russia's exceptional.'

"No, I want you to explain it because it's a hell of a lot deeper than that," Dunne continued. "I want to hear about the constitution. I want to hear about your history. I want to hear about your principles. I want to hear about your founding fathers. I want to hear why you are a unique nation. I want to hear about free market capitalists. And this whole election cycle was anything but that. It was filled with scandals; it was filled with insults."

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