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Listen - Yaron Brook: Here's why the United Nations is 'an illegitimate, immoral, evil institution

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In this short excerpt from the “The Yaron Brook Show” podcast, Yaron shares his less-than-favorable opinion of the United Nations. Not one to mince words, Yaron starts out by calling the United Nations an "abomination," explaining that any organization that gives an equal vote to countries that violate the individual rights, civil rights, and human rights of their citizens, and countries that believe in liberty, civil rights and freedom is "an absurdity, and an evil absurdity at that."

"There is no international organization that is valid in which the United States is sitting at the same table, with the same power, as Stalin and Mao Zedong," said Yaron. "By definition, an organization that unites all countries under one banner no matter what the moral status of those countries, an organization that has Israel under its banner and Saddam Hussein, or the Iranian theocracy, or the Saudi Arabian theocracy, under the same banner is an illegitimate, immoral, evil institution."

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