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Why is Bill Gates breading millions of mosquitoes?


Why is Bill Gates breeding millions of mosquitoes?

The world's foremost expert on health embarks on a new project.

Bill Gates wants to transform Earth into the kind of hellscape that belongs in Dante. For example, his fixation with mass-breeding mosquitoes pulses with a scheming mind that surely can’t be benevolent.

Wall Street Silver recently connected a supposed looming mosquito-borne pandemic to Gates' overenthusiastic farming of mosquitos. Here’s a video from the Bill Gates YouTube account describing the mosquito factory in Medellín, Colombia, where “scientists work long hours in muggy labs breeding millions and millions of mosquitoes.”

The Mosquito Factory

Gates claims that the project aims to “outsmart the world’s deadliest animal.” Throughout a slick, flawless three-part blog post, Gates (or the PR team in charge of his output) makes the case for his World Mosquito Program.

The objective: “They tend to the insects’ every need as they grow from larvae to pupae to adults, keeping the temperature just right and feeding them generous helpings of fishmeal, sugar, and, of course, blood. Then, they release them across the country to breed with wild mosquitoes that can carry dengue and other viruses threatening to sicken and kill the population of Colombia. This might sound like the beginnings of a Hollywood writer’s horror film plot. But it’s not. This factory is real. And the mosquitoes being released don’t terrorize the local population. Far from it. They’re actually helping to save and improve millions of lives.”

It feels somewhat murderous in spirit. Or maybe 'sacrificial' is a better adjective.

But let’s think about things logically here: Surely Gates means what he says, right? Bill Gates doesn’t really want to reduce the human population like some cartoonish villain, right?


Why would a Big Tech billionaire passionate about deadly viruses be so interested in farming mosquitoes?

This is a villainous conclusion, no matter what, if any, good premises it might have arisen from. It’s sinister to conclude that mosquitos should be farmed, globally, in response to mosquito-born diseases. It feels somewhat murderous in spirit. Or maybe “sacrificial” is a better adjective.

The Associated Press, once known as the law-giving epicenter of objectivity journalism, of fact-giving that no longer exists, has collapsed into a swamp of fiendish activism. Activists attack anyone who doubts any tidbit of their cause.

You wind up with baffling contradictions like this: “The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation doesn’t finance any modified mosquito release projects in the U.S. And experts say the types of mosquitoes that are used for that initiative in Florida are not capable of transmitting malaria.” Which reads a bit like, “These mosquito farms don’t exist, you bigot. But also the mosquitos used in the mosquito farm that does exist are harmless. Also there will be a mosquito-fueled pandemic soon, just coincidentally.”

The man literally founded an initiative called “The World Mosquito Program.”

There’s a reason figures like Gates, George Soros, and Klaus Schwab are widely considered nasty: They fund ghastly initiatives in the name of progress. All they’re missing is a literal banner of the Inferno to follow them around everywhere.

For the past month or so, there’s been a cycle of stories, reels, and tweets about the goodness of the wealthy people on the Titanic who had moral courage. We all know that Gates would shove infants out of the way to get into a lifeboat. “Hey Bill, why are you rowing south, New York is that way?” Straight to Epstein Island.

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