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JK Rowling and Matt Walsh clash over the definition of a 'woman' — then the 'CRAZIEST' thing happens

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A Twitter spat broke out over the weekend between famed "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling and "What Is a Woman?" documentary maker Matt Walsh after singer Macy Gray appeared to cave to the outrage mob by changing her definition of a woman.

Gray has received intense backlash after daring to define a woman as "a human being with boobs ... and a vagina" during an interview with Piers Morgan last week. On Friday, Gray seemed to completely change her tune, saying, "Being a woman is a vibe. … If you in your heart feel that that’s what you are, then that’s what you are, regardless of what anyone says or thinks.”

Evolutionary behavioral scientist Gad Saad decided to drag Walsh into the conversation.

The Daily Wire host, who is no stranger to outrage and hate from the social media mob, responded with, "Sorry but women who publicly renounce the definition of 'woman' for fear of mean comments from trans activists deserve all the scorn they get. That kind of gutless cowardice is exactly what got us into this position in the first place."

That's when Rowling — both a feminist and vocal defender of biological sex — jumped into the fray:

"All of those things and then some have happened to me in the last month because of my film. But if I had backed down and crumbled to the trans activists, I'd deserve to be scorned for it. Cowardice is what empowers these people. Nothing will ever improve until people stop caving," Walsh shot back.

Then he added, "I respect the courage you've shown on this issue, @jk_rowling. But many people have simply caved to the demands of trans activists and completely surrendered truth and reality to them. The cowards are also villains in this story. They need to be held accountable."

Rowling then seemed to hold out (at least part of) an olive branch. "And your film did a good job exposing the incoherence of gender identity theory and some of the harms it's done. Many institutions I used to admire have uncritically embraced this dogma, but I reserve my ire for them rather than shouting 'coward' at individual women," she wrote.

Walsh replied, "I agree that they deserve the lion’s share of the blame. And I do have a lot of sympathy for young women in particular who don’t have platforms or power and are descended upon by the trans mob. But Macy Gray is a famous singer. Her cave was particularly gratuitous in my opinion."

And then this happened:

On BlazeTV's "Fearless with Jason Whitlock," Jason talked about Walsh's controversial documentary “What Is a Woman?” Whitlock said he believes the answer to the documentary's title question should be simple to most rational individuals, but watching the film will have you believing we live in a world utterly devoid of rationality.

Watch the video clip below to hear Jason discuss the "one big piece" of the conversation he thinks is missing from "What is a Woman?" Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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