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Here's why Steven Crowder is considering a run for office

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Until recently, Steven Crowder hadn't considered running for public office. However, on Tuesday's program, Crowder said his thoughts on running for office are changing.

Crowder told his audience he is afraid that because of the way Donald Trump [and his supporters] have been treated in the months following the 2020 election, "good people who actually want to change the country for good will be afraid to run."

Crowder expressed concern about the era of social media, and how "everyone has something online that could destroy their reputation."

"The only reason I would consider running for office would be because I have nothing to lose. I've made a lot of mistakes. My flaws are on full display," Crowder said.

He later clarified that he doesn't want Americans to think the government rules over them. He wants people to feel they can represent their constituents without a fear of having their lives destroyed by the ruling class in Washington, D.C. Watch the clip for the full story.

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