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Are you paying attention yet? This is American Marxism staring you in the face


Mark Levin breaks down the Democrat's Jan. 6 'show trail'

What is the point of having news operations if they all cover the same propaganda and demagogues who've already been leaking information to them?

BlazeTV's Mark Levin addressed many questions surrounding the Jan. 6 committee in this clip from "LevinTV" on BlazeTV. How did the Jan. 6 committee come to be? Is it a committee that represents the broad-body politic? Can you think of another case in the history of our Congress or our criminal system where the other side wasn't able to defend itself? Who wasn't able to present any information?

Can you think of another instance where several members of a prior administration have been held in contempt by Congress, and in two cases, criminal charges were brought?

Remember when Eric Holder's FBI sold guns to Mexican drug cartels? Guns that would eventually be used to murder a border agent? Eric Holder wasn't indicted on criminal charges. Why?

But these questions are not a source of concern for the mainstream media. Instead, the mainstream media chose to attack news sources unwilling to broadcast the live stream of the Jan. 6 committee hearings.

"This is a Democrat show trial," Levin said. And he is right. The New York Times ran an article with a headline celebrating how the trial's ratings rival major televised events, comparing ratings to those of the Thanksgiving Day Parade and Sunday night football.

"It's pretty impressive and shocking," Levin said, adding that the left's constant attack on conservative talk radio and conservative leaders is American Marxism staring you right in the face. Watch the clip to hear from Mark about this tragic stain on American history.

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