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Democrats want to destroy the Supreme Court by packing it

Democrats want to destroy the Supreme Court by packing it

The Democrats are trying to pack the Supreme Court, and Mark Levin is not amused.

“We have no choice,” he mocks, “we have to pack the Supreme Court. Biden has to issue executive orders like he’s making laws from the Oval Office.”

“We need to get rid of the filibuster rule,” he continues, “so we can ram through whatever we want to in the Senate. Then we have to add Puerto Rico and D.C. as states so we can have four more Democrats, so the Republicans can never win.”

Levin says the Democrats “hate the Constitution” before playing a clip of news anchor Chris Hayes, who doesn’t seem to understand what’s in the Constitution.

“These days,” Hayes begins, “it’s fair to ask who really is in charge in this country, because the momentous loss of the constitutional right to abortion, which has led to state abortion bans across the country –”

Levin cuts him off and ends the video.

“Okay, dummy,” he says, “the 'constitutional right to abortion' is not in the Constitution.”

Levin asks where the “long list of women who can’t get abortions who want or need abortions” are, because if there were a long list of them, networks like MSNBC would be airing it.

“If this is really the problem,” he says, “don’t you think night after night, day after day, that tricks like this and jerk networks like this and others, they would have a conga line of cases, they would put their names on their, on their screen, something like that. But they don’t.”

Levin believes these Constitution-ignorant leftists want to destroy not just the Constitution, but the Supreme Court.

And how do you destroy it?

“Turn it into the Democrat Party Marxist Politburo by packing the court,” he continues. “Well then, what’s the point of having a court?”

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