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Parents SUE SCHOOL over 'trans' indoctrination

Parents SUE SCHOOL over 'trans' indoctrination

Woke ideology has been infiltrating the American educational system, and parents are getting fed up.

And Lauren Chen is one of those parents.

“There are people out there, activists who are determined to groom your children to embrace a dangerous and hedonistic lifestyle because it furthers their own ideology,” she says.

Chen reports that in a very shocking story out of Colorado, teachers were secretly grooming students into embracing transgenderism.

This happened to the point to where one of those students attempted suicide.

Now, parents at the school are suing.

A Daily Mail headline concerning the matter reads, “Parents are suing over claims teachers encouraged their sixth-grade daughters to join LGBTQ club but to keep it a secret: Girls were told ‘if they are not happy in their bodies they are transgender.’”

“There is absolutely no reason,” Chen says, “why a school should have an LGBTQ club in the first place. But not only do these clubs exist, but they’re actually being held in secret with parents actively being sidelined in their own children’s development because these teachers — they’re activists — and they think they know better than you.”

America First Policy Institute and Illumine Legal filed the lawsuit against Poudre School District on behalf of the parents, whose sixth-grade daughters attended Wellington Middle-High School.

According to reports, the students who attended the club were encouraged to hide any discussions on polyamory, puberty blockers, transgenderism, gender identity, sexuality, suicide, and name and pronoun changes from their parents.

Chen believes this is the reason why school choice is so important.

“If you’re not able to homeschool, which would be preferable,” she explains, “you have to know that sending your kids to these public schools — you could be the most conservative, God-fearing family on Earth, but if your child is spending what, 9:00-3:00 or 8:00-3:00 every single day surrounded by these leftist activists, you can bet your bottom dollar they are absorbing the things that they are being taught.”

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