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Jonah Hill CANCELED by FEMINIST ex? Leaked texts!


Jonah Hill, once known for playing the chubby, funny friend in raunchy comedies like "Superbad" — is about to be known for something else.

That is, his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Brady, and her very public accusation that Hill was “emotionally abusive” during their year-long relationship.

While their relationship ended in 2022 and Hill is now dating pregnant girlfriend Olivia Millar, Brady is clearly far from over it.

And she wants the world to know it.

The surfer took to Instagram over the weekend to post screenshots on her story of texts the actor had sent her while they were together — most of which included Hill asking Brady to respect his “boundaries” and quit posting sultry bikini pictures of herself online.

While many feminists have come out in support of Brady, Lauren Chen doesn’t see her as the hero, or victim, that she’s playing.

“I think it’s very telling of how modern feminism is essentially trying to brainwash women into believing that any preferences or boundaries a man might have is unacceptable because, of course, all women are perfect exactly the way that they are,” Chen says.

Brady called the actor a “misogynist,” a “narcissist,” and “abusive” in her posts.

Chen doesn’t find the screenshots of texts between the two to reflect abuse at all.

“What is laid out here is not abuse,” Chen says, adding that it seems Hill was explaining “what his own boundaries are” and letting Brady know that if she wasn’t okay with those boundaries, the relationship wasn’t meant to be.

“'I don’t want to be around alcohol; it violates my boundaries, so I will leave this party,' is not very different from I don’t want a girlfriend who posts sexy photos of herself online, so I will leave this relationship,” she continues.

From what she can see of their relationship, Chen believes Hill was 100% in the right and Brady in the wrong.

“You are not entitled to having a partner just tolerate whatever behavior makes you feel good at the time.”

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