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Make no mistake – 'Spider-Man' has gone WOKE

Make no mistake – 'Spider-Man' has gone WOKE

The entertainment industry as a whole has been taken over by progressive activists. Unfortunately, Marvel and Sony are two of the conglomerates that have gone woke (and lost a good portion of their audiences because of it).

For example, the companies have taken the "Spider-Man" chronicles down a path of virtue-signaling and DEI initiatives.

“Spider-Man sadly has fallen prey to these woke zombies,” sighs Lauren Chen, “and I guess one of the biggest red flags for fans of 'Spider-Man' was the replacement of Peter Parker with Miles Morales.”

“A character simply being mixed race or not white is not in of itself a political statement,” she continues, “unless of course the creators of the character explicitly state that it is, which is exactly what happened.”

Radar Online reported that “Marvel Comics editor and chief Axel Alonso said Miles Morales, the half black, half Hispanic heir apparent to the late Peter Parker in the timeless Spider-Man comic book series, was partially inspired by President Barack Obama.”

Further, the artist who created the character Miles Morales revealed that “the new character’s multicultural background could lead to more revelations in the future — including Spidey’s sexuality.”

Fans are upset that Marvel is clearly “trying to diversity-wash Spider-Man,” says Lauren.

But that’s not the only “wokeness infecting the 'Spider-Man' franchise.”

“Unfortunately, yet predictably, wokeness in the creation of Miles Morales as a character has also led to wokeness in Miles Morales games and comics,” Lauren explains.

The action-adventure video game starring Miles Morales that Sony dropped in 2020 was “filled with just outright political propaganda.”

For example, the game features a flashy in-game mural paying homage to Black Lives Matter, “and when you knock out all the quests, you receive the Uptown Pride suit, which is black and yellow — the colors associated with Black Lives Matter,” reports Gamespot.

But it’s not just racial politics at play in the "Spider-Man" franchise; it’s infused with gender ideology as well.

One of the side quests in the 2020 game revolves around helping “a male classmate propose to another male classmate,” explains Lauren, while in the "Spider-Man 2" video game, which was just recently released, “we have lesbian Black Cat.”

But it doesn’t end there. From a less attractive Mary Jane to butchering the Spanish language to avoid triggering the non-binary community, it’s clear "Spider-Man" has gone down a progressive path from which it may never recover.

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