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Philadelphia holding first-ever FATCON


Temple University in Philadelphia is set to host the first ever "FatCon," which is described as a judgment-free, fat-centered event — and Lauren Chen couldn’t be more amused.

“Did you know that in the year of our internet 2023, there are actually conventions for fat people?” Chen asks.

The Philly “FatCon” aims to be a judgment-free event focused on creating community for fat people, by fat people.

According to one of the organizers, the idea is to help others navigate a fatphobic world and society in a different way and provide clothing for people who need it.

“Despite how terrible I think the obesity epidemic is for this country, if FatCon were simply a place where plus-size people could find clothing that actually fits them as well as participate in fat-friendly fitness class in the hopes of getting into better shape, then this is something that I wouldn’t have a problem with,” Chen says.

However, that’s not what FatCon is.

“The problem I have with FatCon is it’s far-left intersectional leanings. Because, would you believe it, turns out that the people are behind this FatCon, this fat convention, they are just, by the sounds of it, radical leftists.”

One of the event’s keynote speakers is Sonalee Rashatwar, who calls himself a “fat sex therapist” and uses he/they pronouns.

“Now, whether she is a sex therapist who is fat or a therapist for fat sex, I do not know,” Chen jokes.

While the fat positivity movement focuses on overweight and obese people as if they are a minority group, Chen is here to point out that they are not minorities.

“For some reason, they view themselves as this like minority or protected group even though in America, officially now, most people are overweight. The average American is overweight,” Chen explains.

“So, they like to claim we’re in a fatphobic society, but I don’t know, it looks like we’re just living in a fat (period) society where the average person is like a good 30 pounds too heavy,” she adds.

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