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Companies GO GAY for Pride


America has given fallen soldiers one day, Memorial Day, to be remembered and thanked for their incredible sacrifice.

A couple of days later, America gives the LGBTQ+ community an entire month to celebrate not being straight.

Lauren Chen of "Pseudo-Intellectual" notes that it’s “an entire month dedicated to celebrating, well, frankly, debauchery and degenerate lifestyles.”

And the reason the entire month of June — and the month leading up to it — is full of rainbows and gay slogans is because nearly every large corporation has begun using Pride Month as a marketing tool.

Chen says that with Pride Month, companies are using "social awareness as a marketing strategy” because there is “no other month that’s kind of wrapped up with a social movement that companies are more excited about pandering to.”

The North Face is now one of those companies.

“For some reason, some North Face executive thought that the best way to sell outdoor gear to, I mean, frankly, upper-middle-class hippies would be through a drag queen,” Chen says.

A recently released North Face Pride Month ad features a drag queen promoting the brand's new 2023 Pride collection — and "Summer of Pride," which seems to be a cross-country tour of sorts.

“So, North Face is not only releasing pandering ads and Pride-inspired gear, but they’re also essentially organizing. I mean, some might even call them protests or activist events across the country,” Chen says.

While brands can do whatever they want, it doesn't make what they are doing any less disgusting, Chen says.

She makes the point that our society “leaves us with a single day, Memorial Day, to honor those who have given everything, sacrificed their lives in order to protect our freedoms,” while giving “an entire month to celebrate, you know, some confused college student who likes to wear shorts and therefore thinks she’s a different gender.”

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