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Reparations: California activists demand MILLIONS


If you happen to be black and looking for a little extra cash, California might just be the state for you as the California Reparations Task Force, founded by Gavin Newsom, has formally recommended that the state should pay up to $1.2 million to every qualifying black resident.

While California was never a slave state, the task force called on the state to give black residents a formal apology in addition to the payments.

“Now, I want to be clear,” Lauren Chen comments, “this reparations task force, their recommendation isn’t technically binding on anything, but considering it’s California I’d say there’s actually a scarily good chance that the legislature — once they receive this recommendation — might actually do something with this.”

Chen points out that though California wasn’t a slave state, the Reparations Task Force is operating under the belief that there were many other injustices historically committed against black people.

The payments received by black residents would be broken down into different types of historical discrimination like bank redlining or policing and mass incarceration.

Chen comments that this is “a perfect display of progressive logic, or rather, lack thereof.”

“So, essentially in the progressive mind, okay, if a bunch of criminals commit crimes and therefore have to go to prison and be monitored by the police, it’s ... the state’s fault. They should be rewarded for that through reparations. Talk about incentivizing bad behavior,” she says.

The cost of reparations for the state of California, if they choose to enact this plan, could be in excess of $800 billion.

“These are leftists; these are socialists,” Chen says.

“They don’t care where the money comes from. The only thing they’re concerned about is that they get their gifts.”

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