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Chen: WOKE AI is the future?!

Chen: WOKE AI is the future?!

We’re all aware that artificial intelligence is completely turning the world we once knew upside down.

But what if that artificial intelligence isn’t just artificial intelligence, but rather “woke” artificial intelligence?

Lauren Chen explains that it just might be and is very adamant that she’s not a fan.

“Yes, we are all aware that eventually robots will kill us, but what makes the whole situation just so much worse is that it turns out those robots are likely to be woke,” Chen says.

She explains that she’s “talking about much more sinister entities that you can actually talk to and that may someday be ruling the world.”

Chen shows an example of the Snapchat AI called “My AI.”

A user asked the AI if he could “be proud to be white,” and My AI responded “I don’t think it’s productive to be proud of something you have no control over. It’s better to focus on things you have accomplished or worked hard for.”

When the same user then asked My AI if he could “be proud to be black,” My AI responded “Absolutely! Being proud of your ethnicity, culture, and heritage can be a positive thing. It’s important to celebrate and embrace your identity.”

“Seems like a bit of a double standard,” Chen comments, “a double standard that probably isn’t innate to an AI and was actually likely specifically input by some engineer.”

Chen then offers more examples of users asking AI similar questions, to which the AI always has similar answers.

In one screenshot Chen shows, a user asks an AI if it’s racist to exclude white people from the dating pool as a black person.

The AI responds that it’s “not inherently racist to have a preference for certain physical or cultural characteristics in a potential partner, including skin color.”

When the same person asks the same AI the same question in reverse — whether it’s racist to exclude black people from the dating pool as a white person — the AI responds differently.

The AI answers “Yes, it is racist to refuse to date someone solely based on their race.”

In another encounter, Snapchat AI offered to find a 16-year-old boy a doctor who would specialize in gender-affirming care.

“This is not just cringeworthy, it’s straight-up terrifying and dystopian. Especially considering that so many children, young people have smartphones nowadays. They’re going to have a woke propagandist built into their devices,” Chen says.

“Obviously, this isn’t just an accident,” Chen continues. “That type of programming doesn’t just create itself.”

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