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TikTok mom exploits her 4-year-old son for internet fame?

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A mother posted a TikTok video of her son. While it may be common for mothers to share videos of their children on social media, this video captured much attention due to the nature of the content.

A young boy wearing makeup and a dress as his mother asks him to tell TikTok his age and gender. "How old are you," the mother asked from behind the camera. The child said he is 7 years old. "No, you are 4," the mother corrected. Frustrated, the child shouted back at his mom that he was 7. Next, the mom asked if her son was a girl. The child said he is a girl and was born a girl, a claim that mom seemed to accept without objection.

In this episode of "Slightly Offensive," BlazeTV's Elijah Schaffer gave his compassionate take on why this video is so heart-breaking. He explained how people could avoid putting children through the mental, emotional distress that appears evident in the child in the video.

"I don't blame the kid here because he is a kid," Elijah said. He went on to question, "what kind of mentally ill parent tries to convince their little boy that he is a girl."

Watch this clip to hear Elijah articulate why he believes the child in the video is a victim of child abuse, why parents abuse their children in this way to get internet clout, and how parents can avoid transferring their trauma onto their children.

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