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A SOBERING on-air admission about the state of Western Democracies

Steve Deace Show

Does sharing a common enemy with our enemy make us friends?

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"How should Christians respond when God uses adversarial foreign leaders to punish nations who have turned from him? As Russia invades Ukraine, which supposedly has a large Christian population, but is one of the most corrupt nations globally, how do Christians in America respond?"

BlazeTV host Steve Deace answered the question of how Christians might respond using a personal story to drive his point home.

"No, differently than we would in any other situation - What glorifies God? What is true?" Steve said. "I get the emotional tug…I have not admitted this on the air, but I will admit something to all of you. I have a borderline level of unbiblical disdain for our government and Western democracies for the most part after the last 24 months and counting."

Steve cited a significant factor for his disdain as the trend of making everything binary. In Steve's view, practically the only thing that the West doesn't want to be binary in Western culture today is one of the only things that God says is binary - male and female. "Are you a saint or a sinner? Are you saved from your sins, or are you dead in them? God says these have to be binary," Steve said.

Yet those are all the things Western culture says are no longer binary. The practical things or Pagan philosophically are the things we're to think of as binary.

Steve concluded that he despises Western democracies in their current form because of the globalist agenda, which has more profound implications for America's future. So, how does this relate to Russia and Ukraine? Steve explained that globalist groups like the World Economic Forum play a predominant role in western democracies, and this creates craven nature's binary temptation to root for Putin. In other words, does sharing a common enemy with our enemy make us friends?

"Here is the problem with that," Steve said. "I'm not supposed to be a prisoner of my Craven nature anymore. I'm supposed to have a discernment level that transcends our Earthly binary fallacies. So, back to my original answer to your question, brother, it's not easy, but it's simple. We should handle a situation like this like we would anything else. What glorifies God, and what is true?"

In Steve's view, the temptation for Christians is going to be when we recognize the game plan: "Zelensky is the new Fauci, Putin's the new virus, right? When we realize the new implementation of the same demonic Paradigm, that brings us back quickly."

From a strategic standpoint, Steve explained, those in the dissident crowd in the west are anti-globalist, anti-World Economic Forum...would it be better if Vladimir Putin whooped the World Economic Forum in Ukraine? Yeah, probably. But would it be good or would it be better? Good and better, Steve cautioned, are not always the same.

Watch the clip to hear more of Steve's fascinating take on this topic. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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