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Glenn: Prepare your family for impact

Glenn: Prepare your family for impact

Moody’s is a major rating entity that’s been following the SVB failure, and it has now downgraded its rating of the entire U.S. banking system from stable to negative.


It’s the latest sign, among many others, that what President Biden is telling Americans is far from the truth.

Moody’s also issued warnings for several individual banks with substantial unrealized security losses. And if you don’t know what that means, Glenn Beck has a metaphor for you.

He says, “My son is collecting baseball cards, and he’s like, 'Dad this one is worth —' and I said, 'Son, it is only worth it when you sell it. You can say it’s worth anything and it can even be marked as worth this, but until you sell it, you don’t know what it’s really worth.'”

He continues, “In the case of bonds, an unrealized loss is: I’m counting on my sheet here to be worth this, but if I have to sell it today in a panic, I’ll lose 25%. That’s an unrealized loss.”

While this is all terrifying, he says if you have your money in an FDIC insured bank, do not take your money out.

If all of the banks start to fail, the first thing that will happen is the local banks will fail. And they’ll fail because people panic, and they take their money out.

Even though we are heading toward a Venezuela-style collapse, he says still — do not panic, and do not take your money out of the bank unless it’s not insured.

He adds that the “one thing you have to do is get on the phone with your local state house member, your state senate member, and your governor and tell them you must not pass the UCC legislation ... it’s flying through the House and the Senate and governors are ready to sign this stuff. It has got to be stopped. That will allow only the digital currency coming from the central bank to be considered money.”

Once the government has this, they control your life entirely.

Glenn says this is “not an overstatement.”

The financial collapse is inevitable, and paired with inflation, it is destroying our currency.

The government tells you to stop spending frivolously on things like hiring people for your small business, meanwhile it's spending money at a record unheard of in all of human history.

It is the most anyone has spent, ever. And the American government is doing it right before our eyes.

Glenn continues, “This is poison, but people haven’t been willing to stand up and say it and it is killing all of us. It will enslave our children. People will die because of the insanity that is going on.”

He says, “Exactly what they did to Venezuela is what this group of dangerous clowns are doing to us now.”

“It’s got to stop. Please prepare your family for impact.”

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