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'Russia OWNS Germany': Here's why Trump says Russia-Ukraine conflict is 'a European problem'

The Glenn Beck Program

But it "never would have happened" in the first place if it weren’t for President Biden's lack of leadership and strength.

Should America be involved in the Russia/Ukraine conflict? Former President Donald Trump joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Friday to explain how decisions to phase out nuclear and coal power in Germany and other European countries has led to their own crippling energy dependence on Russia.

Trump told Glenn the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine "never would have happened" in the first place if it weren’t for President Joe Biden's obvious lack of leadership and strength.

"This is a total lack of respect for [Biden] and for our country. And it's a disaster," Trump stated. "I think two weeks ago [Putin] had no intention of [invading]. He was just negotiating ... which he likes to do. And now he's seeing ... a clear path, because of the stupid people he's dealing with," he added.

Trump went on to say he thinks the Russia/Ukraine conflict is really "a European problem," caused in large part by Germany’s dependence on Russian gas.

"Seventy percent or more of [Germany's] energy is going to come out of Russia. That means that Russia controls them. Russia owns Germany," Trump explained. "In one of the dumbest moves I've ever seen ... [Germany] closed their nuclear plants and other plants to get rid of coal. Which was, you know, seen as a great thing ... So, Russia has total control of Germany, and Germany is saying, 'Well, we can't fight them.' So, I would really say, it's a European problem."

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