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Glenn Beck: 'Wokeism' is a religious CULT. Here's why.
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Glenn Beck: 'Wokeism' is a religious CULT. Here's why.

It's time we say it out loud: We are not afraid of your evil cult

Conservatives aren't the extremists for saying we shouldn't radically change everything. By definition, a true conservative cannot be an "extremist," because we believe in conserving the things that work and are important. A true extremist, however, pushes the adoption of new ideas that have yet to be tested — which is what the far left in this nation continues to do.

On the radio program this week, Glenn Beck said it's time to call wokeism out for what it is: an evil religious cult. Conservatives are not extremists for disagreeing with the religion of "wokeism," he argued, because that's what it is, a dark religion that separates people from their families and tells its members to cut off anyone who disagrees.

"I'm an extremist for saying I can define a man and a woman? No, you're the extremists when you say you can't define it," Glenn began.

"I'm the extremist for saying I don't want you teaching, I don't care if it's gay or straight, sex ... in kindergarten, first, second, or third grade?" he continued. "I'm the extremists because I believe a law-abiding citizen should have the right to protect themselves? ... I'm the extremists because I don't think the spy agencies should be able to spy on people in the United States, collect our information, use it against us? Because I don't believe that our government should be in bed with corporations? That makes me an extremist?"

"You on the left, when did you lose your mind?" Glenn asked. "A lot of the things I believe, you used to believe. You used to be the flag bearer for it. You used to be the one that would say 'this is insanity.' ... You used to believe in a set of principles. Your principles now are nothing more than the ramblings of an insane cult."

"I'm not the extremist. The cult that half of America worships today, those members are the extremists. And it's time we say it out loud, without fear: We are not afraid of ... your evil cult," he asserted. "We remain on God's side."

Watch the video clip below. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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