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Middle schooler accused of SEXUAL HARRASSMENT for 'misgendering' classmate

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'This is outrageous'

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School boards across the country seem to be putting transgender and gender-fluid ideology above the safety and well-being of their students.

Remember the "skirt-wearing male student" who, after being charged with brutally raping a ninth grade girl inside a Loudoun County, Virginia, school bathroom, was allowed to transfer to a second school in the same district, where he was charged with a second sexual assault? Who could forget the viral video showing what happened when the Loudoun County school superintendent claimed the school system had no record of assault in bathrooms despite policies allowing students to use the restroom of their "gender identity" — right in front of the second victim's father?

Now, a Wisconsin middle schooler has been accused of sexual harassment simply for misgendering a classmate.

Thirteen-year-old Braden is one of three students being charged by school district officials with sexual harassment over accusations they referred to a student as "she" rather than "they" or "them."

Braden's mother Rose Rabidoux and attorney Luke Berg from the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty joined Glenn Beck on the radio program with the details of how a "good kid" in middle school is now facing an internal school investigation.

"This is outrageous! It is outrageous! Sexual harassment has absolutely nothing to do with incorrect pronouns ... misgendering, I think is the phrase," Rabidoux asserted.

"This student ... decided last month to tell the entire class that she wanted to be referred to as 'they, them' — and it wasn't even that these boys refused. They were confused. My son came home confused and said, 'Mom, they are plural pronouns and I don't understand how to use them,'" she explained.

Rabidoux said Braden is a straight-A student who, with the exception of an occasional "cuss word" at school, has never been in trouble before.

Berg said the school's investigation should never have been started. Under Title IX policy, allegations that would not amount to sexual harassment even if proved should be dismissed immediately.

"They shouldn't have even interviewed these boys. They should have just dismissed it immediately because there's nothing anywhere in the law, nothing in the [regulations], nothing in the policy that would cover mis-pronouning. Mis-pronouning is not even a word, much less the law," Berg told Glenn.

"So, that's what we've told the district ... he ... you need to immediately dismiss this so that [the students] don't have to go through this whole 90-day investigation and have this on their reputation, and have this on their record, and have the stress of this for 90 days."

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation.

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