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Beck: Brace yourself for a recession

Beck: Brace yourself for a recession

In another hit to the American people under the Biden administration’s leadership, recent numbers show private sector hiring has substantially decelerated.

Glenn Beck says, “It’s another sign that the U.S. is headed for a sharp slowdown, or dare I say it: recession.”

Julia Pollak, chief economist at ZipRecruiter, said, “The image, for me, that most sums up where we are at labor market is the image tweeted by Bloomberg’s chief economist, which shows that mentions of job cuts are now higher than mentions of labor shortages in earnings calls.”

On top of that, the dollar is weakening and inflation is rising.

Beck asks, “Are any of your friends paying attention to this?”

He continues, “I read a diary of a guy from World War II and he was in Germany during the Weimar Republic. And he said nobody had any idea what hyperinflation even meant. He said we were just going along and we had inflation and, you know, things weren’t great, but it wasn’t hyperinflation.”

“He said seven days later that was the only conversation you would have with anyone in Germany.”

Beck recalls this as a warning, saying, “When this happens, it happens fast.”

“It’s not like we’re doing the slow approach to it now. This is the time for you to explain this to your friends and to your neighbors, that massive change is coming.”

He asks, “Do you remember when the experts all said that a Biden administration would restore us in good standing with the rest of the world? A Biden administration would put us back where we belong?”

“And non-experts like me said no, no they won’t. No one respects us with this kind of leadership. Little did I know we would not only not be respected, but we would be shunned, because of what’s happening in our country.”

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