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Protester shouts at, challenges black Trump supporter — then comes unhinged when he responds with facts

Slightly Offens*ve

'We can't even go outside with our skin color without being attacked!'

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"Slightly Offens*ve" host Elijah Schaffer headed to Houston last week to talk to protesters gathered outside Texas Southern University during the third Democratic presidential primary debate.

Elijah soon encountered a young black woman yelling at a black man in a MAGA hat from behind a temporary fence. The woman complained that she and fellow protesters were being held behind "this barricade" while Trump supporters were "allowed to roam free," despite standing only a few feet away from an open exit.

Asked why she objected to the MAGA-hat-wearing man's support of the president, the woman answered:

We can't even go outside with our skin color without being attacked. We are a walking, talking target. So the fact of the matter that you want to support somebody that wants to rip you from this country and treat you less than — that's baffling to the mind. Especially with so much that our ancestors worked for. So, if you wanna educate yourself, that's fine, but don't support a bigot and a blatant racist.

Elijah invited the woman to have a "civil conversation" with the man, to ask him directly why he supports President Donald Trump.

And she accepted.

Watch the video below to hear how the not-so-civil conversation unfolded: (Warning: Strong language)

Houston Sucks | Make Democrats Debate Again youtu.be

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