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Steven Crowder breaks down his top four justifications for a border wall

Steven Crowder
Image source: Louder with Crowder Facebook screenshot

On Friday's "Louder with Crowder," host Steven Crowder rattled five reasons off of the top of his head that justify building a border wall.

In this clip, Crowder explained how the tweet posted by President Donald Trump calling MS-13 gang members "animals" went viral — again — over the weekend, prompting Crowder to ask his question of the day:

"Is it just me or does it seem that since the left can't make the Russian collusion conspiracy stick, they've gone right back to calling everyone racist?" Crowder asked.

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According to Crowder, the left highlighted Trump's tweet for a second time in an effort to ignore the crisis at the border. Crowder offered his list of reasons that served as justification for building a border wall.

The List

  1. Crime. Contrary to what the left would have you believe, illegal immigrants commit crime at a rate that is three times as high as the population as a whole, making up a mere 27 percent of federal prison population while only accounting for 9 percent of the nation's adult population.
  2. Effectiveness. Israel cut its immigration rate by 99 percent by building a wall, meaning the 143-mile long wall that was erected was highly effective.
  3. Cost. Democrats have stated their concern for the cost of building a border wall, however, if the U.S. built a wall that were comparable to the one that Israel built, it would cost around $5.6 billion. Even a liberal estimate would be in the ballpark of $21 billion, which is nothing when compared to the $115 billion spent on illegal immigrants who are already in the U.S. annually.
  4. Compassion. Of course, the left suddenly cared about the children and used the "kids in cages" again, bringing the conversation full-circle to Trump's tweet that went viral for a second time. Not so shockingly, the left neglected to point out that children in the U.S. illegally are sent to detention centers, not cages.

The takeaway

Crowder warned to take notice of the left's pivot from Russia to racism and watch for the next pivot to include sexism and homophobia. According to Crowder, the goal of the left is to paint those on the right as extremist.

"What is a more extremist view than a nation without borders or laws?" Crowder asked.

Watch the video below for details.

Click here to watch the full episode.

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