Ironically-Named ‘Smart Meters’ Prove to Be a Dumb Idea

Headaches, insomnia, tinnitus, DNA breakdown. . .  These are just a few of the myriad problems mentioned when people talk about the constant bombardment of EMFs or electromagnetic frequencies, a huge by-product of the new Smart Meters being installed by public utilities around the country.

But wait! We have been told that the Smart Grid, with it’s Smart Meters would be a good thing for all of us. Now we find out that this scheme poses very real dangers to human health?

Information on the effect of installing millions of Smart Meters, all equipped with wireless transmitters that are constantly filling the environment with EMFs, is just starting to trickle in. An electrical engineer named Rob States has been looking into this problem:

“Since individuals with no history of RF disease are experiencing symptoms the first day the meter is installed, we can assume the meter’s RF emissions are not the only problem.  The RF network is activated months after initial meter installation.  Extensive measurements have demonstrated that all of the meters measured so far, including ABB, GE, and Landis Gyr, emit noise on the customer’s electric wiring in the form of high frequency voltage spikes, typically with an amplitude of 2 volts, but a frequency any ware from 4,000 Hertz, up to 60,000 Hz.  The actual frequency of the phenomena is influenced by the devices that are plugged into the customer’s power.  Some houses are much worse than others, and this observation has been confirmed by PG&E installers that have talked to us.”

Rob’s comments come from an online article posted by Stop Smart Meters.

Thanks to the work of people like Stop Smart Meters, communities are waking up to the problem. Especially in California.

Generally speaking, people in California seem to accept new government programs with open arms, especially anything with the words ‘green’ or ‘smart’ attached to it. So Smart Meters seemed to be a no-brainer as they promised to make the planet greener and who doesn’t want a smart electrical meter?

You should know that the so-called Smart Meters are the typical energy monitoring devices with a little extra bonus added.  It is a wireless transmitter (think cell phone) that is constantly sending the power company updates on your electrical use.  The meters are now bombarding the environment with EMFs, all day, every day.  That electronic carpet-bombing of your home, apartment complex, subdivision is being blamed for health problems in people who are ‘electrically hypersensitive.’  (a real term)

The argument that Smart Meters will lower energy consumption has also been debunked.  Reuters published a piece showing no real long-term savings in homes with Smart Meters vs the old meters.

“Participants who kept the monitor (…) did not manage to sustain their electricity savings any better than those without a monitor.”

“A second finding is that certain groups of people seem more receptive to energy-saving interventions than others. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach for home energy monitors cannot be justified.”

No real savings, potential health problems. . . so why the rush to install these so called Smart Meters in 200 million homes?

Some skeptics claim the new meters will allow government access to more information and control over individuals. From our new friends at

Do you value civil liberties and the right to privacy? When a ‘smart’ meter is installed, your utility has access to a treasure trove of information about you- when you wake up in the morning, when you go on vacation, what kinds of appliances you are using, etc.   They will be able to sell this information to a series of corporations and the government.

YES, the words ‘Big Brother’ definitely come to mind here.

Oddly enough, California may be leading the charge against Smart Meters. There are almost 30 local governments formally opposing the installation of the Smart Meters. Two weeks ago the tide started turning:

The anti-Smart Meter people actually scored a victory of sorts against this governmental invasion as news broke yesterday that PG&E offered an ‘opt-out’ program, but it is going to cost you. Early estimates say that choosing the old meter will cost an additional $14-$20 per month, plus a ‘set-up’ fee.

Let’s review what we know about Smart Meters:

European studies have shown no significant energy savings.

Great potential exists for serious and wide-spread health problems caused by constant bombardment of EMFs.

Loss of personal freedom to consume energy as you see fit is inherent in this kind of metering.

Government now has access to even more information about how you live, with the potential to interfere in your life via control of power.

And, if you choose NOT to have a Smart Meter, you will pay a ‘tax’ for the right to retain your privacy and freedom of choice.

Any questions?