Check Out These Odd Aerial Images Captured on Google Earth

Google Earth celebrates its 1 billionth download today, since being introduced in 2005.

The Google LatLong Blog gives some perspective for just how much 1 billion is:

One billion hours ago modern humans were living in the Stone Age. One billion minutes ago, the Roman Empire was flourishing. If you traveled from Earth to the Moon three times, your journey would measure one billion meters.

In honor of Google Earth’s 1 billionth download since it was introduced in 2005, Business Insider pulled together some the best images.

Giant pink, gumby-style bunny in Italy. (Photo: Google Earth)
A fighter jet in Paris parking lot? (Photo: Google Earth)
Retired airplanes in Arizona desert. (Photo: Google Earth)
Swastika-shaped military base in San Diego. (Photo: Google Earth)
Why is this lake in Iraq red?

See all of Business Insider’s finds here.

Watch Google’s celebratory tribute how far Google Earth has come: