Stunning Vid: See Cleric’s Pro-Bin Laden, Anti-Semitic Rally in Egypt Surrounded by Al Qaeda Flags

There is already more violence in Tahrir square this week, and the Muslim brotherhood is emerging as a dominant political force. But now it appears there is a  pro-Bin Laden, anti-Semitic, extremist faction demonstrating in Tahrir Square that proudly flies the flag of Al Qaeda.

The black Al Qaeda flags seen above became infamous during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars as the backdrop for numerous horrific beheading videos.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) has cut and translated the disturbing clip of Egyptian Cleric Tawfiq Al-Afni rallying his supporters in Tahrir Square just five days ago.

Below is a transcript of the Cleric’s comments:

“First of all, Islamic Law is the source of all legislation. In addition, I would like to tell the whole world that the prophet muhammad prophesized that the return of islam was inevitable.

Why do they fear islam? When Islam rules, justice, compassion, and goodness will prevail. So why do people fear Islam?

Are they thieves, that you should fear the cutting off of hands?  Are you alcohol drinkers, that you should fear being flogged?

Sheikh Osama Bin Laden is a man who waged Jihad for the sake of Allah and we pray that Allah will unite with him and the martyrs in paradise. My brothers in Islam, we say with great pride that we adhere to jihad for the sake of allah.

Allah akbar! we are not waging jihad for worldly benefits or position, we wage jihad for the sake of Allah and the Koran.

We respond to your call, please turn our skulls into a ladder for your glory. We say to infidel America, by allah, if you contemplate coming into Egypt you will encounter men who love death more than you love life.

I say to the Jews if you contemplate harming Egypt or its muslim people you will encounter men who love death more than you love life.

Khaybar Khaybar of Jews, the army of Muhammad is here. Oh allah grant us martyrdom for your sake.

Islamic… Islamic…neither east nor west, Jewish nor American you return oh Islam, you will rule oh Koran.”

Here is a clip of the exchange, complete with a crowd screaming for Jihad and Al Qaeda’s black flag draped all over the podium. Video is courtesy of MEMRI: