See the Giant 27-Pound Lobster Caught Off the Coast of Maine!

When a shrimp trawler off the coast of Maine lugged in more than just shrimp and debris in his nets, he was so stunned at the catch that he called the marine patrol to come take care of it. What sort of beast would prompt this reaction? None other than a 27-pound lobster.

Watch this local news report with footage of the massive crustacean:

The lobster, of which scientists are not sure of the age, measures 40 inches long. For comparison purposes, average lobster size is 10 to 20 inches. And while you may be thinking that this has to be the biggest lobster ever found, a 44-pounder caught in the Atlantic Ocean holds the Guinness World Record.

Will some lobster lover be seeing this tail on his or her dinner plate sometime soon? Nope. Staff at Department of Marine Resources said they will be releasing it back into the wild.

[H/T Yahoo! News]