Beck: Progressive ‘Mission Accomplished,’ Now on to Phase II — Communism

If one wanted to destroy America, all one would need to do is break the country into parts and chisel away at each segment, bit by bit. Tuesday’s episode of The Glenn Beck Program laid out America’s core components and described how each one is being undermined and thus, destroyed. But who is doing the destroying?

Glenn contends that those seeking to dismantle the American way are “no longer progressives.” Instead, the left has successfully morphed into what it had always intended to be: Full-fledged Communists.

“Progressives can say mission accomplished. Now it’s phase two.”

Invoking Stuart Chase’s “The Road We Are Traveling” and the recent Obama propaganda piece by essentially the same name, Glenn informed viewers that progressives’ “road” has come to an end, and thus, it is now time to “start studying Communism.”

And while this machine is “way beyond Barack Obama,” he is, in effect, its prime mover. Recall during his 2008 presidential campaign, Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally transform” the country, and indeed, the entire world.

In the words of Maya Angelou: “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

But, Glenn ceded, “Obama is not the first radical.”

“Woodrow Wilson and FDR did it too.”

He also reminded that when Obama vowed to fundamentally change the nation and the world it was brushed off as merely “campaign rhetoric,” but with progressives, “their words have meaning.”

So the president wanted to change the entire structure of the country. In order to do that, Glenn cautioned, one “needs to dismantle the current structure.”

And assume full control. 

He added that “we need to change the way we’re thinking because the battle has changed.”

A fundamental change:

“They built their machine,” said Glenn. Progressives have now turned that machine on and we must pay attention to Communists.

He instructed viewers to learn as much as they can about Communism — how it works, what its core tenets are, who its radical architects and advocates are, as well as to familiarize themselves with the system’s heroes and villains.

Phase II:

Below is Glenn’s comprehensive look at each compromised component of the country:

Beginning with America’s backbone — the military — Glenn looked at the disheartening state of affairs taking place after 10 years of war. With a growing presence of radicals placing our troops in harms way and an increasing number of lawmakers seeking to decrease funding to an already equipment-strapped military, Glenn observed that morale among military personnel is diminishing.

He also posited that the U.S. military will likely merge with the Department of Justice.

As leftist policies often favor placing less emphasis on U.S. military prowess — and given the left’s penchant for criminal, rather than military prosecution of known terrorists — the idea of such a merger seems plausible indeed.

Education as indoctrination:

For some time now, children have been encouraged by educators to challenge their parents views and instructions, especially those that differ from school curriculum or the general mindset and practice of faculty members. With sexual orientation being taught to fifth graders and sterilization for girls in college, America’s education system may be the last place one would want to shape a young, impressionable mind.  Even just recently, it was revealed that a Chicago public high school is holding courses (many during regular school hours, no less) on the following mind-blowing topics: Occupy Wall Street, “gender fluidity,” social justice, “Harvesting the Dream” DREAM Act voter registration, nonviolent protest and more…

Banking and finance:

Citing Dodd-Frank, Glenn noted that by providing bail-outs, the government has “co-opted the banks.” In terms of America’s banking sector, he explained that an over-abundance of regulation, corruption, and a devalued currency combined is a recipe for trouble. Essentially, government is using intimidation as a means to control the country’s financial institutions.

The recent suspension by J.P. Morgan of the Vatican bank account over an alleged money laundering scheme is a good clue, according to Glenn, that the banks have indeed been co-opted.

And when banking and finance sectors are affected…

So goes industry:

Exacerbating an already inflamed situation, industry, according to Glenn, is succumbing to the powers that dictate which companies will and will not receive financing. General Motors, General Electric and organized labor unions are examples of those who receive what many view as favorable treatment in this arena. Meanwhile, small business is put out of business as organized labor unions excel.

Even food isn’t safe:

Glenn reminded viewers that agriculture is under fire as the left is intentionally trying to destroy small farms by allowing government to control food. It does so by restricting farmers from selling their produce without FDA approval.

And in a Nanny State push that goes beyond the pale — they’re even banning homemade meals for the homeless at soup kitchens.

The power of the media:

Of course the media is an integral part of any functioning society and networks possess a tremendous amount of influence over the populace — from shaping the way we view ourselves to influencing our music choices and the foods we consume. It even controls, through both subtle and not-so-subtle manipulation, who we end up voting for. To Glenn, the far-left has indeed “co-opted the media.”


Glenn also said that government, through leftist policies, are using intimidation as a means to control Americans’ travel by way of higher gas prices, union protests, the Transit Authority and Homeland Security — all of which limit privacy and ease of travel for all Americans.

Faith has also been shaken by encroaching secularism and attacks on faith-seekers is becoming a regular occurrence. As each reference to God and a higher power is eroded from our country’s framework, America will lose sight of the very bedrock it was built upon. Atheism, of course, is a core tenet of Communism.


With the push towards mandating aspects of the nations’ health care and how it is deployed, nationalized health care is becoming reality. By relinquishing ownership over one’s own health, we become dependent on the government to keep us alive. Government then assumes control over our very being.


Two refineries — Sunoco and Conoco Phillips — that produced 20% of the oil for the east cost shut down. With consumer flops like the Chevy Volt, moratoriums on drilling and failed solar power companies raking in the subsidies before they fail, energy is another piece of the American puzzle being corrupted.


Glenn cited that even Atlanta’s police force has, for some time now, been hiring people with criminal records. If this practice follows suit across the country, then the security Americans had felt before will be compromised, which is merely another form of control.

“Occupy the System”:

Glenn also delved into the recent communist symposium in New York, “Occupy the System — Confronting Global Capitalism,” and provided a list of just some of the progressives, marxists, self-proclaimed communists and socialists in attendance:

  • Michael Moore
  • Larry Holmes, Workers World Party
  • Pearl Granat – Vice President of SEIU
  • Jarvis Tyner, Communist Party
  • Gary Hicks, Marxist Library
  • Bill Wharton, Socialist Party
  • Peter Ikeler, Socialist Action


But what can we do about it?:

When taken in its entirety, the picture painted above is unsettling to say the least. And for Glenn, the shaken integrity of each core component combined is a means by which the population is being controlled.

And as we have seen evident in the current IRS bullying of Tea Party groups, anyone who dares question the left will likely suffer a threat of some kind.

In order to abate this encroaching danger, Glenn urged viewers to begin studying Communism as he believes progressivism was merely a vehicle by which to deliver us to this final stage of the political spectrum. Per progressive and communist ideology, Glenn reminded that, left to your own devices, you are considered a “stupid commoner” who will only “hurt the collective.”

He added that physical force is not needed to resist this oppressive state, but rather instructed the audience and viewers to simply “free yourself from the system” by following some simple steps:

  • Extricate yourself from debt to gain increased independence.
  • Buy local and, if you haven’t, connect with your neighbors to build a sense of community. Protection comes in numbers.
  • Be the best at your job.
  • Curb internet use — especially social media and tracking applications on smart phones and gadgets — and resume connecting with people face-to-face. It is important to build a realtime rapport with your neighbors and peers so that in the event of an emergency, you’ll know where to find each other. It also reinforces the knowledge that we are all individuals, not faceless members of the collective.
  • While the financial aspects may be prohibitive for some if not most, having access to land with a fresh water supply is crucial. If one is able to grow food, he or she will never go hungry, nor will one have to rely on the government for sustenance. 
  • Read, particularly those volumes that speak to and fulfill one’s needs spiritually.
  • Keep a journal and a ham radio

One takeaway Glenn shared with viewers was to “fundamentally transform” the U.S. back “into a place where freedom grows.”