‘This Is the Divider We All Feared’: Beck Slams Obama Camp for Perpetuating Debunked Lie About Romney

On CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, Candy Crowley had some tough questions for Obama campaign advisor and former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs regarding a recent attack ad targeting GOP nominee Mitt Romney for outsourcing.

Crowley ran the ad, noting that the Washington Post even rated it false (with “four Pinocchios”). She challenged Gibbs to give his take on why this now debunked lie is still being used against Romney. For reference, below is their exchange, courtesy of Mediaite:

On Monday, Glenn Beck took to his radio show to respond to the Obama camp, saying that the president is “not the uniter we were promised,” but rather “the divider we feared” and that facts do not matter to his campaign.

“If you say a lie loud enough and for long enough people will [grow to] believe it,” Beck said plainly. “Most Americans don’t want to believe that their president is a liar” he added, “or a Marxist, so they will avoid those things at all costs.”

Beck maintained that Americans tend to “see ourselves in others,” meaning that we believe the best in people, especially our Commander-in-Chief.

Watch Beck’s fiery take, below: