‘Devils’: Videos Seemingly Show Syrian Rebel Army Setting Massive Piles of Alcohol on Fire as They Yell ‘Allahu Akbar’

(Photo: Screen Shot/YouTube)

At least three videos have emerged of what appears to be the Syrian Free Army destroying massive quantities of alcohol for religious purposes.

The Washington Post has a reported translation of one of the clips:

“In the name of god, in our holy book the alcohol is forbidden, and people who [are] selling alcohol are devils and we must fight them. We did seize all that liquor from people who [support] the infidel al-Assad, and in the future we will keep doing that till we clean [Syria] from all liquor.”

In the first clip, a man holding a gun shouts “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) while one of his companions pours gasoline over countless bottles of already-flammable alcohol.

Watch the rare scene, below:

In another video, two men are filmed throwing large cartons of alcohol out of a massive truck.  Posted to the site LiveLeak, the description indicates that they kidnapped the truck’s driver.

Watch this video, below (skip to 1:20 if you’re not interested in the Arabic remarks at the beginning):

In the third clip, also posted on LiveLeak, a man starts throwing bottles of beer out of a truck after reportedly kidnapping the driver and bragging about how complicated the operation was.

Skip to 1:40 if you’re only interested in seeing the men toss one beer bottle after another into an open desert:

While it hasn’t been possible to independently verify the videos, the clips may be indicative of what society would look like if the rebels gain control of the government.

While the rebels are clearly fighting for freedom from the murderous Bashar al-Assad, their vision of “freedom” seems to be much more Shariah-compliant than what many in the West may envision.

(H/T: Jihad Watch)