Award-Winning Actress Goes on Late-Night Twitter Rampage Against Conservatives, Jon Lovitz

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Tony-winning actress Ellen Barkin seemingly went on a profanity-laced Twitter rampage against conservatives and Jon Lovitz recently, saying that she “loves everybody” except “u right wing f–kin morons” and that Jon Lovitz needs to “shut the f–k up.”

The first tweet reads: “Gotta go to bed. Work in morning.I love everybody…except u right wing f–kin morons.X.”

And unlike other celebrities who post regrettable statements on Twitter, Barkin’s tweets were still live as of this article’s publication (content warning for language).

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The second offending tweet read: “Jon Lovitz maybe I met you a few times back in the day,but now you’re just an ignorant a–hole.Shut the f–k up.Long live our president.”

Barkin was presumably referring to Lovitz’s numerous jabs at President Obama earlier this year.

Among other things, the former “Saturday Night Live” star told the president to stop popularizing a “victim mentality” and the implication that the rich do not work hard for their money.

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He told Sean Hannity:

I just think he should, instead of making people victims of people who are successful, we should be telling people, “Look, you are having a hard time, I feel bad for you. Let‘s look at what you’re doing, let’s teach you how to succeed. Let’s give you the tools to succeed” as opposed to turning everybody into victims, a victim mentality is what he’s selling and nobody with a victim mentality will get anywhere, ever.

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Barkin, who stood in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street in January and told a police officer to get his “motherf–king hands” off her after he asked her to move to the sidewalk, clearly feels passionately about her cause.

What exactly that “cause” is, aside from spewing expletives and hating conservatives, remains somewhat unclear.

Twitchy summarized: “Ah, liberal tolerance on display once again!”

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