Westboro Shows Up in Dallas to Protest Beck — And Wait Until You Hear One Anti-Westboro Protester’s Shock View

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TheBlaze already told you about the fact that the Westboro Baptist Church, the radical, anti-gay group known for picketing fallen soldiers’ funerals, has been planning to protest Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Love.” On Saturday, they made good on that pledge, as they assembled near Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas, to purportedly sing, chant and speak out against Beck.

Image Credit: Rebekah Phelps-Roper/Twitter

Also in attendance were anti-Westboro picketers who stood firmly against the radical “church” members. Interestingly, at least one of the counter-protesters set out to target Beck as well. “Westboro/Beck: I Can’t Decide Who Is Worse.”

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Naturally, we wanted to know why the protester was so conflicted, especially considering Westboro’s bizarre track record. After all, Beck is hosting “Restoring Love,” an inspirational event devoted to service and caring for one another. Westboro, as has been evidenced by the group’s past actions, is devoted to picketing funerals and damning homosexuals (and many others) to hell.

“I think if I had to decide, I don’t know, Beck has a lot more power than Westboro does,” she said. “He’s going to reach a lot more people with his views that I personally don’t agree with.”

While this particular protester was more negative about Beck, others in the group expressed positivity toward “Restoring Love” participants and the event, itself.

Watch TheBlaze’s interview with the anti-Westboro protesters, below:

“I don’t really like [Beck] in the city,” she said, referring to the television and radio host’s move to Dallas. “But at the same time, I don’t really like Westboro being in our city either.”

Image Credit: Shirley Phelps-Roper/Twitter

The protesters also told TheBlaze that Westboro refused to engage them, as they simply sang spoof songs and spouted some of their regular messaging. Here’s what Westboro posted on its website prior to the event unfolding:

Glenn Beck despises God, and he proudly says so. He climbs on WBC backs to have an issue for his radio program.

God has Smacked Glenn Beck already, giving him a little child with disease, but that doesn’t even slow Beck down. He is wholly incapable of seeing the Hand of God at work in this earth, and he flatly refuses to give the Glory of God’s work, TO GOD! He worships Mr. Peanut, a god that has no power, and worse

WBC will be at Cowboys Stadium where Beck will be inside hocking his false religious system and his rebellion against God to some other rebels agianst God, and we will warn the living to flee from that place, lest you should become a partaker of Glenn Beck’s sin.

1Ti 5:22 Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other mens sins: keep thyself pure.

Image Credit: Bud Kennedy/Twitter

Westboro tweeted pictures of the picket and posted them on Twitter. Below, see some of the social media messages they sent today:

In the end, nothing new to see here.