Liz Cheney Splits With Father on Palin Remarks: ‘More Qualified Than Obama and Biden Combined’

Dick and Liz Cheney at the Washington Ideas Forum in 2011. (Photo: Getty Images)

Former Vice President Dick Cheney told ABC’s Jonathan Karl Sunday that Senator John McCain’s decision to pick Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008 was a “mistake,” and one that Mitt Romney can’t repeat.

“I like Governor Palin. I’ve met her. I know her. She – attractive candidate. But based on her background, she’d only been governor for, what, two years. I don’t think she passed that test…of being ready to take over. And I think that was a mistake,” Cheney explained.

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But now, Liz Cheney– who many respect as a conservative mind independent of her father’s former position– has amicably announced that she disagrees with her father’s position.

(Photo: Twitter)

“Rarely do I disagree with best VP ever but @SarahPalinUSA more qualified than Obama and Biden combined. Huge respect 4 all she’s done 4 GOP,” Liz Cheney wrote.

And this isn’t the first time Liz Cheney has come to Palin’s defense.

After the controversial book “Game Change” was released, Liz Cheney zinged George Stephanopoulos: “It’s not accurate [that she wasn’t prepared].  I think, frankly… the excerpts about the Democratic candidates, whether it’s Bill Clinton’s long-running affair [or] excerpts about John Edwards’ affair [sound] more interesting, frankly, than the excerpts about the Republicans.”

Here is video, via Think Progress:

Bestselling author David Limbaugh concluded of Dick Cheney’s remarks : “I don’t think Cheney was gratuitously attacking her anyway; as I understood it he was responding honestly to a question.”

He added that, in his opinion, Palin may have been the only “saving aspect” of the ticket, but tweeted: “I love VP Dick Cheney even though I strongly disagree with him about Sarah Palin. Let’s not turn on each other here.”

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