‘A Part of America That Is Hidden in Plain Sight’: Former CNN Anchor Decries Racism After Getting Pulled Over

American society has come a long way since Rodney King.

Former CNN anchor TJ Holmes apparently had an experience with something that civil rights activists refer to derisively as “driving while black.” That is, the supposed phenomenon of black people getting pulled over by the police in spite of having done nothing wrong. Holmes tweeted about the experience earlier this afternoon, with several different tweets excoriating the police officer who stopped him, apparently without sufficient reason for doing so (the reason given was that the officer wanted to make sure Holmes had insurance on his car). Two of the more notable tweets below:

As a result of this incident, Holmes was invited on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” by guest host Michael Eric Dyson, who proceeded to transform Holmes’ single experience with an apparently incompetent police officer into gigantic parable about the state of race in America. Mediaite explains:

Holmes and guest host Michael Eric Dyson connected the traffic stop to what they perceive as a lack of improvement on the race relations front since President Barack Obama took office.

“Racial discrimination is a part of America that is hidden in plain site,” Dyson began. “It’s felt by millions of Americans and it was felt by a public individual and documented in a public setting.”[…]

Holmes then claimed that the officer said he stopped the former CNN host because “I want to make sure you have insurance on the car.” He went on to say that he tweeted his experience because “I was frustrated at the time. I have wondered if maybe I made a mistake, if I did something wrong by enflaming people’s emotions, by using the phrase ‘driving while black,’” he said of the media firestorm that resulted from his racially-tinged tweets.

“Immediately, there were two sides clearly polarized on the issue: one side mothers, fathers, young black men who have gone through this experience; and another side that called me a racist. The ‘n-word’ has been thrown around today.”

Listen to Holmes explain what happened to him in the video below:

Mountain out of a molehill or genuine racism? One assumes the Left isn’t going to let this incident go for a while, so presumably, we will find out.