Bible Museum to Be Built Just 2 Blocks Away From the National Mall in D.C.

Earlier this month, TheBlaze told you about a Bible museum that will be built in Washington, D.C. While details were initially sparse, on Thursday, the location of the new initiative was announced; it will be just two blocks away from the National Mall.

The currently-unnamed museum will be located at 300 D Street SW, according to Religion News Service (RNS). The building currently houses the Washington Design Center, a series of home furnishings showrooms and it was purchased for $50 million by the non-profit group behind the Bible initiative.

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The group behind the project, The Museum of the Bible, is a non-profit that represents the collection owned by the billionaire Green family. The Greens, as we’ve previously reported, are well-known Christians who own a craft store chain called Hobby Lobby.

The Bible museum will provide fascinating relics, while attempting to educate visitors about the holy book’s origins and contents.

“Our intent is for this museum to showcase both the Old and New Testaments, arguably the world’s most significant pieces of literature, through a non-sectarian, scholarly approach that makes the history, scholarship and impact of the Bible on virtually every facet of society accessible to everyone,” explains Mark DeMoss, a member of the museum’s board.

The museum’s planners initially sought out other cities for its location as well, including Dallas and New York, but Washington was inevitably strategically chosen. Organizers conducted research and found that people with interest in the museum were more likely to travel to D.C. than to other cities.

“In reality, the population base within that eight-to-10 hour drive of D.C. represents half of the U.S. or two-thirds and there’s a lot of Christians in that group,” explained Cary Summers, chief operating officer of The Museum of the Bible.