‘Reprehensible’: Allen West Responds to Attack Ad That Shows Him Beating Women

Earlier today, TheBlaze’s Benny Johnson reported about the over-the-top attack ad out of Florida that depicts a cartoon-like Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) punching two women, one of whom was elderly, in the face and attacking what looks like family with children. In the video, he also swipes some cash from the family as he laughs.

In an exclusive with Breitbart News on Thursday, West responded to the ad:

I spent my life in uniform fighting for our great nation and protecting all Americans.  The ad being run against me by my opponent’s family depicting violence against women and senior citizens is reprehensible. It plays on stereotypes and fear to divide Americans, and it cheapens the very real and tragic occurrences of violence against women and seniors. The American people are suffering from crushing debt, horrific tax and regulatory policies, and epic unemployment. This classless ad shows a lack of regard for the issues plaguing our nation. This ad reflects the sad state of politics in our Republic with those who seek to destroy a person’s character to cover for their lack of intellectual ability and integrity.

The ad was put together and paid for by the American Sunrise PAC, founded by the father of West’s opponent in the upcoming general election, Democrat Patrick Murphy, who has donated about a quarter of a million dollars to the PAC.

You can watch the entire attack ad here. The video on YouTube currently has more than 12,000 views, with 252 “dislikes” and just 16 “likes.”