See the Hilarious Responses From Obama Supporters When Asked Why the Gov’t Should Pay for Contraception

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From comes these outrageous responses from Obama supporters outside the joint President Obama-Sandra Fluke campaign event in Denver on Wednesday.

The interviewees were all dead-set on the government not having any place in the bedroom. But following that up with why then should the government pay for the contraception used in the bedroom, they seemed to falter.

“The government has no place in our bedroom?” interviewer Caleb Bonham asked one woman.

“No,” she asserted.

“So you’re in support of contraception, government-funded contraception — why do you believe the government should pay for what goes on inside your bedroom?”

The woman paused before answering, “That’s a very good question.”

And then there was the interviewee who declared she was “like, all for abortion, all for birth control.”

“So, you don’t think the government should be involved in what goes on inside the bedroom, correct?” Bonham repeated.

“Oh exactly, oh not even close, no,” she replied.

“So then why do you expect the government to pay for what goes on inside the bedroom?”

Another pause. “Because…”

The woman in the next clip at least had an answer to that, stating, “if we had that more readily available then we wouldn’t have people out here starving, wouldn’t have–“

“So contraception solves hunger?” Bonham asked.

“Well I believe it has a big part in it, I really do,” she said.

Watch the video below: