Even Jon Stewart Finds ‘Tolerance’ at the DNC Doesn’t Extend to Conservatives: ‘Nazis and Evil’

On Wednesday we brought you video of Reason TV finding that DNC attendees were pro-choice as long as it extended only to abortion (food? not so much). But if you thought that was the only hypocrisy present at the convention you are wrong. In fact, even Jon Stewart was able to find some more — and the video is incredible.

The issue Stewart maligned? Tolerance. His cameras and correspondent found that attendees were quick to claim tolerance and inclusion but they were slow to extend it while discussing conservatives.

“Everyone’s welcome,” one convention-goer says. Stewart’s correspondent quickly asks, “Except?”

“Except unless you own a corporation, or if you’re a hunter, a gun owner, white males,” he responds.

“Really?” the host asks.

“There are a bunch of gun-toting, hillbilly, Tea Partiers, that’s all I have to say,” the man responds. “Bang, bang, bang, bang.”

And that was just the beginning. There was one woman who railed against conservatives and then said, “The Tea Baggers are the least tolerant group I’ve ever seen.” [crickets] That was also after a montage played of the attendees calling conservatives names. And later, Stewart’s correspondent even tried to point out that “we need to accept everyone’s differences”  — and the same attendee struggled to get it.

Of course, there was also one guy saying he’s been calling conservatives “Nazis and evil” before it was “appropriate.” Appropriate to who — other Democrats? And then then the classic line: “I would never call a redneck a name.” Huh?

It’s really got to be seen to be believed:

(H/T: Mediaite)