MSNBC Panel Actually Debates if DOJ Should Prosecute Anti-Islam Pastor Terry Jones for Libya Deaths

Controversial Pastor Terry Jones stands at a small protest at the site of the Park 51 proposed mosque. (Getty File Photo)

In the wake of the tragedy in Libya, where U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed by a frenzied mob over an anti-Islam movie, an MSNBC panel took the time Wednesday to discuss who should be held accountable.

One of their suggestions?  Anti-Islam Pastor Terry Jones, who has burned the Koran in the past and promoted the film that allegedly sparked the most recent wave of violence.

Panelist Mike Barnicle explained:

Given this supposed “minister’s” role in last year’s riots in Afghanistan, where people died, and given his apparent or his alleged role in this film, where, not yet nailed down, but at least one American, perhaps the American ambassador is dead, it might be time for the Department of Justice to start viewing his role as an accessory before or after the fact.

In response, fellow panelist Donny Deutsch responded: “I was thinking the same thing, yeah.”

Which leaves many asking why the government should treat those who mock Christianity and Islam differently–  is it just because of the threat of violent retaliation?

PolicyMic commented: “Barnicle’s contempt for the First Amendment is astounding…”

Apparently we must “constantly check ourselves, lest we become ‘an accessory before or after the fact’ to murders committed by zealots who violently demand that they never be offended by anyone, anywhere,” the author concludes sarcastically.

Watch the clip, via Newsbusters, below:

(H/T: Newsbusters)