MSNBC Host Touré: The GOP Is an ‘All White Party’ That Is ‘Hostile to Blacks, Gays, Women and Hispanics’

Appearing on MSNBC with host Martin Bashir on Friday, “The Cycle” co-host Touré went on another racially-charged diatribe about just how racist Republicans are, saying it is an “all white party” that lives in an “alternate reality.”

Touré was initially responding to The Daily Caller’s exclusive release of footage from President Obama’s 2007 “other race speech” earlier this week, but the topic quickly became focused on race.

In case you didn’t know, there are no minorities who are Republicans and the “all white party” is actually “hostile to blacks, gays, women and Hispanics,” at least according to him.

“They live in an alternate reality, which is why we get these sort of conspiracy theories,” Touré said. “They don’t want to blame their ideology which is hostile to blacks, gays, women, Hispanics. They already have a shrinking tent. It’s an all-white Party. If you just have a bunch of white people, you’re gonna come up with alternate realities that don’t make any sense.”

Bashir also implied that all Republicans and conservatives, or “they,” argue that Obama is a “Muslim” socialist who wasn’t born in the United States.

“Exactly, if they would deal with the actual Obama then there would be reasonable critiques to be had,” Touré said. “But when you say he’s a horrible person whose not from America, who has a secret plan, who is a total failure, that does not deal with reality.”

Observing the overtly racist thinking of Touré, NewsBusters’ Noel Sheppard writes:

Think such a person working in the media would have a job the next day?

No, I don’t either.

But for some reason, this man is not only allowed to say things like this, he was recently promoted to co-host a new program on MSNBC.


Watch the clip via MSNBC below:

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