Karl Rove: It’s All About Ohio

As many have realized by now, the road to the White House for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney goes through Ohio — and he still would need to win a number of other key states as well. But the bottom line for former Bush advisor Karl Rove is: if Romney loses Ohio he officially loses the election.

Rove said Romney needs to win “Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Ohio and something else” in order to become the next president of the United States. Otherwise, it’s four more years of Barack Obama.

As of 10:40 p.m. ET, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Indiana and North Carolina had not been called.

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Offering some hope for Romney supporters, Rove said: “We need to remember in Ohio, the early vote is historically won by the Democrats and Election Day is won by the Republicans. The last time the Republicans lost Election Day in Ohio was 1964.”

Watch even more analysis from Rove and Fox News below:

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Featured image via shutterstock.com