Fla. Man Fighting to Keep Front Yard Veggie Garden After City Says It Violates Appearance Codes

Although most might plant vegetable gardens in their back yards, a Florida man opted for the front — and now he’s being challenged by the city with a code violation.

WKMG reported that the 25×25 veggie garden in Jason Helvingston’s College Park front yard is against code, which requires a more manicured appearance in an effort to promote higher property values in the neighborhood. It is reported that Helvingston was asked to dig up his vegetables by Wednesday — a deadline he chose to ignore — given that they don’t have the contained plantings like a lawn or more traditional landscaping.

(Image: WKMG video screenshot)

Helvingston is hoping to change city code and has obtained 200 supportive signatures in his effort to do so.

“[I’m] definitely not bothered by it,” neighbor Shelly Snow said, according to WKMG. “As a matter of fact, we love it.”

The issue will be brought up at a December board meeting.

In the mean time, Helvinston said to WKMG that he told the city “You’ll take my house before you take my vegetable garden.”

“This is another example of the government telling us what we can do with our own property — that should never happen,” he added.

Watch the WKMG report here.


(H/T: Drudge Report)